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Monitor Archive for August 1, 1988

Entering the world view of a walled city
`Presidential candidate' Gorbachev moves quickly on reforms. Party's new timetable aims to speed political change and reduce consumer shortages
Sweet Baby James brings the generations together
A kind of sculptural crash course peps up summer browsing
Seeing beauty everywhere
Air Force rookies meet mental hurdles
Debating the fate of Tasmania's ancient rain forest
London drops privatization bombshell
Now the `nitty gritty' on Namibia-Angola. Two sets of talks in Geneva look to turn principles into action
Coming: a Bentley that feels like a Rolls - until you hit the gas
Groucho redux. A young actor brings him to today's theatergoers
Repairing the damage in Iran and Iraq. Should the UN finally gain a cease-fire in the Gulf, the work will have just begun. The most devastating conf...
US wavers on whether to indict Marcos
A heavy-duty `primer' on the Palestinian refugee problem
A HOME TO LAST. And a marriage strong as stone. THE SECOND TIME AROUND
Jordan's King bids for new chapter in ties to Palestinians. West Bank `withdrawal' challenges PLO but also allows more cooperation
Foreign soldiers learn American military lingo
Slow, tedious, and costly does the job at Rolls-Royce. Forget the term `assembly line'; reenter bygone era of coach-building
Picking baseball's top managers; Sabo leads NL rookie race
The man who stamped his name all over Denmark
Adapting to Egypt
Banks win kudos for `take charge' moves
Three nursery perks for `newborn' parents
Wright's ideas: he knew what people really wanted
Shultz's efforts in Central America off to shaky start. Contra lobbying in US unpersuasive
Legal lessons from the Gulf war
The bear retracts its claws
From the city to Yosemite: students learn to write on site
Americans not saving enough? Wait till the yuppies grow older