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Monitor Archive for July 6, 1988

Critics say British plan to alter secrecy law doesn't do enough
Fairy-tale quality in Puerto Rican's art. Campeche, though untrained, succeeded in several fields
Contras push for humanitarian aid - a plug for diplomacy
Singapore's boom is great, but its laborers are few. A challenge to attract and retain good people
Brokers have a busy year touting new closed-end funds
Bugs in her teeth. Heeding the call of the open road, a reporter joins the growing number of women who say, `No more back-of-the-bike'
Hunting for hidden missiles. INF Treaty inspectors begin their `sanctioned snooping'
Afghan resistance shows no sign of letting up on Soviets
Spiritual resistance
Glasnost meets Ivan the Careerist
Is the USSR headed toward bloom or doom?
SUMMER THEATER. Would Sophocles recognize Williamstown's version of `Oedipus'?
`World Monitor' to be on cable channel
Tofu or not tofu? How you can turn a cream-colored, bland-tasting, custardlike food into a palatable meat substitute
Building a dictionary of living language
Leaning forward in a loge
Palestinian uprising foists new role on UN aid workers
Prague gallery shares some of its modern treasures. Pioneering Czech artist steals the show
Orwellian times?
Kasparov dominates Amsterdam tourney
Tuning up US Latin policy
Star wars: debunking astrology. Scientists try to counter `lack of skepticism' by public