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Monitor Archive for July 5, 1988

RFK and candidates `88 - a chat with Gene McCarthy
Trickle... drip... gone. Save water and your garden during times of drought
What is it about trains?
Tigers retain growl with role players, defense, and pitching
Blending modern dance with traditional ballet
Clancy's latest tackles Star Wars, glasnost, and Afghanistan
Choreography for a toy truck
Iraq is winning battles, but wonders how to win peace
The costs of armed tension
Falling in love on a train
FOILING FRAUD. Mexico opposition and voters gear up to avert election-day cheating
Footsoldiers in the fight to restructure the Soviet economy. Some apolitical average citizens feel urge to push for perestroika
Gorbachev gets support - and a taste of Soviets' deep concerns. SOVIET CONFERENCE
Finding solutions for the problem of sludge disposal
Morris troupe bids US farewell. Mark Morris, one of the most inventive forces in contemporary American dance, moves his company to Europe this fall....
Looking for rain
Politics without tears: USA 1988
Searching for secrets in the stars. A look at astrology's ancient roots and modern practice in America. Recent revelations about astrology in high p...
Citizen patrols: self-help to an extreme? Many residents praise them, but critics warn of possible excesses
HUNTING FOR NO. 2. Dukakis search for running mate centers on Capitol Hill
Space University takes off with the first international summer institute
Exploring Dublin. A darlin' vacation spot - with or without the Millennium celebrations
Developing nations raise a mocha toast to commodity inflation
Investors pause for 7th-inning stretch
Salvadorean Army positions itself for new political era
Shade for the greenhouse
Japan sticks with planned purchase of defense system
Why Gorbachev is courting the angels
Bio building bricks. Using sludge in bricks: Improves quality Reduces weight Saves energy
Mexico vote: it's the contest, not the winner, that counts
Airbus competes on wings of government subsidies