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Monitor Archive for July 28, 1988

Kiss and television
Reagan plans active role in fall campaign. White House wants to press its agenda and keep the record straight on Bush
Two poems by Phillis Wheatley
Younger workers revive Poland's Solidarity. New generation of protesters join ranks of outlawed trade union
Listen to the diplomats
Treasure from ancient China. Opening tomorrow in Seattle, `Son of Heaven - Imperial Arts of China' brings to America some 220 rare objects spanning...
Kinship networking between bond and free
What can be done now?
God's government or zodiac signs?
One-shot trials system leaves some top athletes off Olympic team
`Rigoletto' gets fresh staging. New York City Opera prepares to televise its new production
`Saint' Helen. Fathers away, homes often run by mothers and grandmothers. FAMILY LIFE IN LIBERIA
The Reagan legacy and abortion. If abortion is limited or the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling protecting a woman's right to choose under a constitu...
Robert Wilson leaves his stamp on a mystical Debussy work. PARIS OPERA BALLET IN AMERICA
The funnyman who's getting the last laugh
Iranian minister calls on US to lessen hostility
Congressional report: money, not safety, is overriding airline concern
V-8 makes comeback in demand for power over thrift. Carmakers retool engine plants; can they meet fuel economy rules?
Hurdles to lasting Gulf peace. Boundary line and responsibility for war are among tough issues looming over UN talks
Carver's latest stories: still laconic but more satisfying
A rule of thumb for inviting the Soviets to talk
Choice and public schools
Thatcher creates key Cabinet job for health
GOP will bird-dog Bentsen. Still pursues challenge to his dual candidacies
Election day economics. Some economists see GNP report as feather in Republicans' cap