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Monitor Archive for July 21, 1988

Women's Open defender seeks consistency
In third world, desire to limit family size far exceeds available help
Blacks expand roles in military. 40 YEARS AFTER INTEGRATION
Bottles and briefcases. Parents with jobs and families tote children to work
Here's high-tech help for executives' poor penmanship. Computer translates even sloppy script into print
Giving sexually abused children up to 20 years to file charges. Massachusetts bills extend time; some worry about proving cases
Restoring charity to Soviet life. Writer calls on grass-roots action to revive moral dimension
`Women's issues' no longer
Advance man
Gulf war fighting rages as UN sends team to ready cease-fire
New view of director Capra. Author sees his films as more than entertainment
On stage: savage indignation. `Big Time' falls short of full-bodied drama
US strategy: shun Nicaragua. Diplomacy in region awaits next move by Sandinistas
With this contract, I thee wed!
Jesse, discipline, and change
GAF case raises concerns about stock manipulation
Sri Lanka rebels defy Indian force, mediation. Tamil turnaround puts new pressure on island's leader and Indian Army to end five-year civil war
Concerto for campers
The Vincennes should never have been there
Ferreting out the facts on Waldheim
Figaro spirited to the Trump Tower. Peter Sellars's latest operatic experiment
Time to free Mandela
US berated for population policy. Experts say Reagan effort to end abortions has backfired
The 30-year battle for the B-1 bomber