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Monitor Archive for July 19, 1988

On Democratic unity
Meese probe ends; scrutiny of attorney generalship continues
Flimflam and the art of ticket balancing
Polls and history begin to deal kindly with Jimmy Carter
MARIGOLDS. Gold, yellow, or white - from China to America - they make happy, hardy border in every climate. GARDENING
New `Much Ado' matches saucy Danner with superb Kline
Canada's Kananaskis Country: a secret no more. Prime area for nature lovers, boaters, golfers, and families. TRAVEL IN CANADA
Streaking momentum, with chirps and thuds. PARIS OPERA BALLET
`Keep the change' helps grocery stores feed the hungry
Dukakis: `a major role' for Jackson. THE MESSAGE IS UNITY
Fund ground-breaking earthquake research
Highlights of the 1988 Democratic platform
In Egypt, US charges meet official silence and public ire. Foiled attempt to smuggle high-tech military material reveals resentment at US's Middle E...
A potpourri of garden books
Foes of nuclear power make gains in Japan
Counteracting disaster
Group aims to make sure every black vote counts
If you stay in the hall, you'll miss the show
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers
West's military aid to Mozambican Army misses the mark
Liftoff for space university. MIT plays host to first summer session of the international space program
Will Democratic `unity' mean winning margin?
Eckersley's metamorphosis to bullpen ace a key to A's success