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Monitor Archive for July 11, 1988

Cape Cod town faces relentless cycles of pounding Atlantic. Tense residents watch as the sea slowly destroys protecting barrier beach
North Sea oil disaster ignites questions about rig design
Taiwan party shifts mainland strategy. But some Nationalists say proposed overtures aren't bold enough
They're the NRA: a campaign of fear
Neither candidate a clear winner. COURTING THE HISPANIC VOTE
Democracy for the Teamsters
Forward-thinking MacPhail lit up big-league parks
Women gain acceptance working in coal mines. DIGGING THROUGH STEREOTYPES
Sudanese government and rebels under fire. Both blamed for not letting aid through to starving southerners
A penetrating portrait of daily life in the Ayatollah's Iran
`A' is for Apple ... able, active, and all by myself
Falling behind in R&D? US leads the world in research spending, but takes longer to get new products past corporate bureaucracy to market
A sober and intelligent joy
TV magic: the one and only Miss Gish
At the shore, it's retreat - not fight. As the sea level rises, beach developments are in danger of being washed away. In one Texas resort, three bl...
Talks on southern Africa resume despite military clash. Gathering in New York is to set stage for more meetings this summer
Top Soviet general gets taste of wild west in US visit
When Wall Street takes to the open road
A celebration of small furry creatures. Exhibit of Beatrix Potter's work shows her skill as artist and illustrator
Young activists push reform within Taiwan's ruling party
A warmer Earth means higher sea levels
A voice from beyond the Berlin Wall. EAST GERMAN author Monika Maron has taken the long journey from communism to individualism. In an interview, sh...
Artful beaches: redesigning a California park
Of advice and men
`House of Usher' falls with a thud. Glass, Foreman, Poe: three sensibilities at odds on stage
Inside Everyschool, USA. Gerald Grant sees moral authority as key educational need. EDUCATION
The lonely mariner and the children of the close
`Revolving door' spins without close attention. Moves from Pentagon to private sector often go unrecorded