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Monitor Archive for June 7, 1988

Bound for Canaan, for Canada
Arab summit marks shift in roles for key leaders. AGENDA: PALESTINIAN UNREST
Republican anxiety
South African blacks pull off national strike
Halting worldwide loss of ozone shield
India and Bangladesh at odds over water as rivers run low
Government spends record $1.35 billion to close two S&Ls
The summit showcased Reagan's resilience
Doing Boston in a day. An itinerary for making most of a short stay
Garden while you're gone. Some simple steps to let you leave your garden and eat it too
Fan's-eye view of a city's love affair with sports
Places to pause. They welcome the visitor from the sidewalks of the city: Boston's lobbies - venerable, spacious, famous - are an attraction in them...
Wrestling with India's Sikh crisis
A generation's generalities
Treaty opens up world's last untouched continent to mining. Conservationists irate; others say treaty helps protect Antarctica
Nicaragua negotiators upbeat on prospect for peace accord. But main obstacle remains: timetable for political change
Canada's 6% controversy. Real estate fees prompt price-fixing inquiry
Church tells of expanded media, legal challenges
Veterans' convoy `invades' Nicaragua
Better birding for beginners and others
French vote limits socialist mandate. PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS
JAZZ at the White House
Post office wants to dry up `launderers' who reuse stamps. Trying to cut losses, it also tackles stamps that don't stick
`Phantom' wins the most Tonys
Spoleto USA has become a fixture in Charleston. Chamber concerts a major attraction at the 12th festival
Learning from past mistakes
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers
Case studies show a natural balance yields a healthy lawn
How do you rate yourself?