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Monitor Archive for June 30, 1988

That the CHILDREN MAY LIVE. The death of children from disease, dehydration, malnutrition, and other causes is a worldwide problem. But in the US (b...
Justices skirt death penalty issue
World's highest rate finally falls
No shortage of important trade issues for the US
The uncolorized truth
Unofficial accounts say it was anything but sedate. SOVIET CONFERENCE
Lessing's latest novel is ironically at odds with her essays
Old World ballet versus theater as erotic collage. Martha Clarke's opus proves controversial
Old World ballet versus theater as erotic collage. Danish Ballet reprises two Bournonville classics. SHARP CONTRAST IN AESTHETICS
US must bridge the gap between words and action in the Mideast
US and Japan size up new kid on the block
Trade deficit starts on factory floor. Study: managers rely on weak dollar, lose technology edge
Putting his stamp on the US Postal Service
Family-friendly corporations. They help balance demands of home and work
Americans' security concerns shift from cold war. Ironically, Bush may be a victim of Reagan success on Soviet Union
Drug bills vs. people's rights. Civil libertarians urge Congress to take its time
Keeping television history honest - and entertaining. PRIME-TIME HISTORY
Lessons from China on handling the Gulf
One Soviet's sober assessment of conference
How Dukakis or Bush would hold court
Ending the drought
Give the immigration law time
Supreme Court upholds special prosecutors' power to probe. The justices wound up their 1987-88 term with down-to-the-wire decisions on government in...
US in minority on juvenile death penalty
Did peopole really dress like that in the year 1774? PRIME-TIME HISTORY
Truckers cut through red tape on road to 1992
Who will get profits from Portugal's return to private enterprise?
Supreme Court wrap-up
Families of resistance fighters. Home for the Afghan includes a large, extended family, but the Russian occupation has changed roles of many members...
In half-hour `Firing Line' format, Buckley has only half the bite
Muscovites find reform breathtaking - and a bit disappointing
Weapons buying has `improved'. Pentagon official testifies to more competition, review
`Willow': long on legend, short on fun. Children may take to this fairy tale easier than adults