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Monitor Archive for June 24, 1988

Vietnam's new premier faces party cleanup, economic woes
Aground on the Mississippi. On the lower half of the Mississippi, drought has hit with full force. Some barges have run aground and the river indust...
Defense scandal backlash could cut profits
Jump! For Kids and Teens
Soviet nuclear power: a hot topic. Ecological concerns prompt outspoken opposition to new station in Soviet Ukraine
Religious liberty charter to be signed
Summit song of prosperity is not the whole show. Tune could change by year's end as untackled problems close in
Trial about to begin in suit alleging covert-action conspiracy. Left-wing group depicts a shadowy network operating before Iran-contra
Kindergarten day: a time for tests or fail-safe play?
Chimpanzees shown to be more than cute
Jackson and the platform. He pushes for planks, but won't disrupt the convention
Trial about to begin in suit alleging covert-action conspiracy. Christic Institute: political and religious fervor
Bay State legislators aim to adjourn early this year
The convoy that couldn't
Dash of capitalism brightens Ethiopia food picture
Revival of a Midwestern town. Planned community seen as hope for area's depressed economy
Soviets take hard line on unrest. Communist Party daily reports troop movement into troubled region
Just breakfast
Diverse lobbies pool efforts to boost clout on Capitol Hill
`Toons' and humans mix in screen comedy. `Who Framed Roger Rabbit' sets frantic pace
Offbeat movie offers some rare screen magic
National tragedy obscures untold personal dramas. LIFE IN CAMBODIA
A surplus with no place to go: the dilemma of food aid
Four-party talks on conflict in Angola, Namibia resume
McGovern in bravura performance of Beckett works
Congress not target of investigation. PENTAGON PROBE UPDATE
Closer to liftoff
Rural Plains. Possibly the oldest in the country to be inhabited continuously by the same family, this 318-year-old house has been home to nine gene...
Peace in the midst of turmoil