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Monitor Archive for June 14, 1988

Shiny new cars and stock portfolios in the showrooms?
Vacationing with birds, bears, and bumbling researchers
Hurricane forecast: more action than usual likely this year
Democratic bargaining over platform
Trials of strength
What makes a winner? CANNES FILM FESTIVAL
`Peace treaty' signed by Israelis, Palestinians
Bush, in unfamiliar position, fights back
Interpreting the quantum implications
The many faces of AFRICA
High court rules on bad vaccines. Government is responsible when vaccinations fail
In Dallas, underground theater breaks surface
French united despite divided Parliament
High court to settle debate on sentencing
Belgrade wrestles with dissent in a far corner of Yugoslavia
Carmakers fight for `shelf space'
JACK and the scarlet runner bean stalk
Lebanon's Christian community at odds as elections near. Rivals vie for control as group prepares to make presidential choice
Taking the agricultural sting out of `killer' bees. US and Mexico are crossbreeding the insects to soften their impact
Conflict in Spratlys spurs rift between Hanoi and Moscow
Why the US must remain a key world player
WWII aircraft in detail and color
Early physicists who pointed the way ...And four QUANTUM PHYSICISTS who helped form the new view
There's more to Wimbledon than tennis
Fun among aphids and compost. LITTLE GREEN THUMBS
Kim Dae Jung: firebrand dons mantle of respectability
NBA finals pit best friends Johnson, Thomas against each other
Saving old offshore oil rigs as artificial reefs. Sea creatures find structures homey
The Antarctic mine field
Let the inquiry proceed
Art of the Dogon
School colors: uneasy gray between black and white. Decades after James Meredith crossed the threshold of the University of Mississippi, institution...
Clearing the water - with air
New airports sought to solve delays. But critics cite other problems of poor equipment, management