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Monitor Archive for June 13, 1988

How painters look to themselves

Bandicoots and baseball. Books for young readers. Awesome Aussie adventures, animals
Cambodia's premier: puppet, patriot, or `new prince'? Hun Sen vies for recognition at home and abroad
Honorable No. 1 composer shuns Charlie Chan-isms
Airline stocks weather industry turbulence
Nature seen directly as art. Constable did not need to translate what he saw
A 5-Part Monitor series starting today
Turks dampen expectations
Which state has the bola tie?
Soviet factories meet a new word: quality. World market, Soviet consumers want better products
South Africa gets tougher on dissent
Don Budge's historic Grand Slam recalled in 50th anniversary year
Writing and telling in Harrison's latest
Yaks and other new `crops'. Low crop prices push farmers to diversify
French voters split. Mitterrand's Socialists stymied in bid for clear majority
Political chess for four or more players, `People are fed up with murder and mayhem. They want something done'
Bashing the bureaucrats
Among families and friends
Key industrial nations draw closer to keep a rein on inflation
Harlem choir sings its way out of the inner city. Learning harmony in music and living
so what?
Raising...Ramsey, raising consciousness
Hungarian refugees spark rare East-bloc row. Citing Romania's mistreatment, ethnic minority flees to homeland
`Cocoanuts' in lively revival. Credible `Marx brothers' head cast of hilarious show
Fostering leadership in urban education
Opera's future may lie in China's past. TALK WITH A COMPOSER
Not alone -- even in the midst of divorce
Belgium's language wrangle. Schools highlight dispute over bilingualism policy
Tour, new CDs signal Robert Shaw's finale with Atlanta Symphony. Chorus shines on disc and in performance
On the subatomic trail of the elusive neutrino
`Can I keep it?'
East, West European nations edge closer on economic ties
Bandicoots and baseball. Books for young readers. Behind the scenes: a farm, the ballpark