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Monitor Archive for June 1, 1988

Rush to order jets puts planemakers in the cockpit
Broad death penalty ruling is sidestepped. SUPREME COURT
America's factory workers: immigrants turn the shop floor into a `mini-UN'
Convertibles: best of 2 worlds - to a point
Fund-raising success of Brazilian ecology group inspires others
The hard part: giving ballets something to say. New York festival offers premi`eres
NEW-WAVE CROPS HEADING FOR THE FARM. Corn that fights off pests, tomatoes that resist disease, potatoes with a higher food value - these are just a...
Firms lend a hand to minorities climbing the corporate ladder
THE FOOD FATHER. Chef Louis Szathmary of Chicago's Bakery is the award-winning author of five cookbooks
Troubles of prominent TV evangelists ripple through industry
US shuttle diplomacy in Lebanon on hold but still alive
NATO chief wary of Moscow. He'd like Soviets to follow words with cuts in military outlays. CARRINGTON INTERVIEW
Za mir
Latin Americans pick up after US in attempt to oust Noriega
Through Yuri's eyes
Japan takes new interest in Israel, to Arab concern. Shift in policy prompted by increasing trade ties
Practicing d'etente in a classroom
Sharing and celebrating spoils of war. Afghan guerrillas find valuable booty in wake of Soviet withdrawal. Eyewitness account below and related stor...
Indians in big turnaround; Cards' Worrell gets high marks in relief
Bowing before Him
America's man for all seasons. Increase Mather paired Puritan zeal with practical politics
The importance of human rights
Election '88: unease beneath the currents of prosperity
What networks plan, after the strike ends
In search of the perfect potato
Afghan resistance fighters take control of strategic valley