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Monitor Archive for May 9, 1988

Blowing the dust off two great treks
Pittsburgh's first woman mayor fills in during transition
Outside design firms satisfy Detroit's profit designs
Rose, Giamatti, and why they play the game
Supporting others' progress
Kenyans shore up hopes - and topsoil - with terraces. Nation is leading African efforts to stop soil erosion
Dialogue for Poland
Study tour to Vietnam. Colby group discovers `real people' - and skepticism
`The Moderns': Paris in the '20s, evoked by an attuned filmmaker
Drawings by four rising artists. Also, new book traces Viennese watercolorists
Huge, colorful canvases that resist decorative interpretation. Elizabeth Murray's 10-year exhibition establishes her as impressive painter
Tree House
Nicotine-addiction study will fuel antismoking fire
Wall Street in gloomy `inflation watch'
Author Jean Fritz shares history's facts - and funny moments
Nevada - ultimate dump site? `Hot' US atomic waste slated for mountain
Boulder a Rocky Mountain hub for world-class cyclists. Altitude, knowledgeable fans among attractions for top riders
Canada's airy shrine to art. New National Gallery a symbol of maturity
Bay city has new mayor, old money problem
Sci-fi to stretch the imagination
Tracing the trail of steel tracks across a continent
Election fraud charges bring Senegal democracy under scrutiny
When second-rate states become first-rate threats
The US powerhouse out of steam? Look again
Memoirs ... or potboilers?
Some recession ahead? Here's one economist who sees the makings
Report says Bush knew of '85 Noriega drug charge
Ramadan: the `great leveler' of the Muslim world. Believers share in duties of holy month, but some decry commercialization
Dinosaurs, snakes, and the like