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Monitor Archive for May 6, 1988

Aliens without amnesty face life in the shadows. Children become breadwinners as employer sanctions dry up jobs
Humor makes reading fun. For middle readers
The Gipper plans to help win one for Bush
Risky business within the Soviet empire
Deficit swirls around Dukakis's `Massachusetts miracle'. OPPONENTS PREPARE TO POUNCE
Leaps into time - past and future
Let my people build. Ethnic landmarks
Terry Hands explains interest in `Carrie'. How did Britain's prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company get mixed up in producing a `horror musical' for...
Chirac unlocks hostages - and perhaps 'Elys'ee?
Focus on family and friends. Picture books
A trio of stories with heroines equal to any man. Teen novels
Ecuador presidential vote promises shift from the right. Military will stay in barracks - if social democrat wins
The sorrowful demise of the barnyard biddy
Air Canada will fly a semiprivate route
Congress under budget cloud. The huge budget deficit has wrought a historic change in Congress. When a tempting new program is proposed, the immedia...
In defense of the Twitchells
More is at stake in US-Japan rivalry than citrus and beef
Books that sound as good as they look. Poems to read aloud
Liquor foes unite. Tax hike, ad restrictions sought. CHALLENGE TO DRINKING
Mystery and myth: perspectives on Argentine politics and history
Chrysler returns to `pattern' with UAW
Realistic stories about tough subjects. For young people
Study of local themes helps schools in India drop British accent
Reliving the Caine mutiny with a somewhat different Captain Queeg
Mystery and myth: perspectives on Argentine politics and history
Little risk seen in moving genetic tests from lab to outdoors. But congressional office calls for more oversight before big tests start
Is there really a God?
Bioethics - the latest fashion in lab smocks
Enchanted childhood
New Mamet comedy dreams up a trio of Hollywood opportunists
Saluting moms
Star-struck in the White House
Polish dissent is the tip of the iceberg in Eastern Europe
Take away
TROUBLED BRIDGES. Inspectors bear an increasing public-safety burden, as once-grand structures yield to stress, rust, and decay
Sandy Reitan has forged successful career as pro dart competitor
Whatever holds
Birds, beggars - and golden eggs. Fables old and new