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Monitor Archive for May 5, 1988

Senegambia: the limits of pan-Africanism
Court's ruling may be no bargain
Warning labels proposed in war on alcoholism
Letting sleeping dogmas lie
Two points of view on `Moon Tiger,' a prizewinning British novel
Court strengthens hand of Salvadoreans seeking refuge in US
`Romance/Romance' - a musical comedy that lives up to its label
Connection between US and Soviet youth builds link for peace
Brushing stardust off my sleeve
Needed: new definitions of right and left
Juilliard conjures up a pleasurable `Midsummer Night's Dream'. Britten's too-seldom-staged opera has magical moments
With hands of fluent grace and knowledge of centuries
Two points of view on `Moon Tiger,' a prizewinning British novel
Dukakis's march to Atlanta. Despite his big wins Tuesday, he fears complacency
Chirac's high-tech, last-ditch pitch for French conservatism. Jacques Chirac wants to be France's next president. But even his tireless campaigning...
Patience: virtue or blessing?
Combating youth gangs
Takeshita pledges more active global role for Japan
Creatures of habit
Guarding Navajo mind and soul
Moscow looks at Polish strikes and sees a plot
`Once in a Lifetime' strikes twice. Layers of caricature dim - but can't kill - revival of Hart/Kaufman farce
McCracken - a singer who'll be sorely missed
Belgium ship of state to get a captain, but seas may be rough. Economic accord helped pave way for new government
Nunn for veep?
Amnesty makes life tougher for illegal aliens unable to apply. Out of work and unwilling to leave, some turn to crime
The folly of alienating Saudi Arabia
Home is where the hotel is .... But the apartment dearth still keeps homeless homeless
Right turn
Help for Mozambique
In Vienna, they danced a different waltz