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Monitor Archive for May 26, 1988

WWII memories haunt NATO
Playing misty
Return to Vietnam
School reform with a bang
Lawmakers redefine foreign policy ground rules
A question of perspective
WWII memories haunt NATO
A needle-sharp novel about moneyed Britons
The challenges of caring for a relative at home
Ivory Coast uses failures to devise new `back to the land' plan
A new role for the UN in the era of `multipolarity'
Party for a granddaddy grand
A sentence on sentencing
Stay in school ... or walk
Long sports seasons cause problems; Olympic Hall of Famers
The artistic perils of being politically interesting
Dear summiteers:
Bay of Pigs II
Nation as community: mixed blessing for US
Role reversal: if you have to care for your aging parents
Help for children with children. A Big Sister program that supports pregnant and parenting girls. TEEN MOTHERS
The night in Vietnam
Florida hot line helps elderly residents live at home
Same reruns on too many channels? FCC says no more. Panel's ruling considered defeat for cable operators
US dollars fuel Panama economy despite sanctions. A deal forcing Noriega from power is imminent, US officials said as this went to press. But Panama...
A summit with substance
Doing just enough to prevent the worst in Eastern Europe
A taste of music from Brazil. Joao Gilberto headlines festival with a bossa nova beat
Dukakis heeds `Go west' advice