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Monitor Archive for May 23, 1988

Harvard's new white-collar union part of US campus trend
Curtain call for a modern-day Medici. Roger Stevens, first chairman of both the Kennedy Center and the National Endowment for the Arts, is retiring...
Hostage issue figures in complex talks to halt Beirut violence. Some indicate hostage release would precede Syrian deployment
Hungary heads into new era of reform
Zambia blazes own economic trail, but does recovery lie ahead? Some economic sectors benefit, but foreign exchange still scarce
Nicaragua's biting press on frontlines of ideological divide
Intrigue and investigation in Ulster
Bus tragedy: fault alcohol first
Saturn strategists are looking for a few good car dealers
India put to the test
Maturing America looks to quality long-term care for elderly
What is to be learned from regional party chiefs' ouster. INSIDE THE KREMLIN
`Spoils of War': the challenge of trying to reconcile parents
Plums from the family tree
Thriving Pacific rim nations organize for economic cooperation
Will waiters' tips slip when owners' profits dip?
Family home care: labor of love
Saturn girds to start a revolution in carmaking. But will GM's modernization fare better than those of past?
Canadian women push for larger political role
How magnificent paint is. `A painting is paint,' says the essay that accompanies these two works. For an enthusiastic explanation of what makes them...
Teen-age pregnancy prevention. TEEN FATHERS
Don't yawn until you see the whites of their monuments
Brazilian city battles pollution. Quality of air, water improves in `valley of death'
Colombia's muted response to US conviction of drug king
Seeking an umbrella in inflationary shower
Hungarian leader leaves under pressure, but with respect. Kadar's reforms seen as giving Hungarians political openness
How boys become better parents
Update on the deficits: US trade running well, budget not so well