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Monitor Archive for May 18, 1988

Baseball as drama on the fly
Glenda Jackson. Theater's new Lady Macbeth is fiery on stage and off
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. Paint from herbal palette with tarragon and other fresh herbs
`Little guy' scarce in stocks. Volatility shakes investor confidence to 35-year low
Syria delays military move in Beirut. At Iran's urging, Syria gives dialogue a chance
Retirees get their own credit union
Sandinista perfidy
Always worthy of God's healing love
The surgeon general's new front
Black activists shift tactics in South Africa. South Africa's blacks are exploring new approaches to antigovernment activities. A 23-month state of...
Five Broadway musical stars reprise their hits at the White House. The Reagans play host to Mary Martin and others
Ancient and modern skepticism - redefined
Baseball mom
Web of issues complicates US Panama policy. Branches of government `step all over each other'
All the food that's fit to print
Signs grow of Iranian disenchantment with Hizbullah
Proposals to stabilize markets are fairly modest
Reagan as GOP's `crafty' revolutionary
Canada takes a fresh look at foreign aid, and cuts strings
MOUNTAIN FARMERS. A vanishing Swiss species
US must help pay bill for long-term care, study says
Tales of low-lifes bring fame and fortune. Crime novelist Elmore Leonard has a knack for humor and dialogue
Oldenburg's bat takes on Chicago
Speedy Oilers meet rugged Bruins in classic Stanley Cup final
Clock your fastball or clinch a business deal at Expo 88. Australia sees world fair as a way to boost exports
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. Herbs: symbols rich with tradition