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Monitor Archive for May 17, 1988

`Promised a Miracle' one-sided. Drama targets nonmedical healing
No more giggling at the gigawatts in antimatter
Gardening where the wild things are
A painter of color without prejudice
Opening the jail doors for workers and employers
Guatemala's moderate chief went too far for far right
Afghan resistance prepares offensive. But internal power struggle could hamper assault on Kabul
Colombian leader strives to eliminate poverty - root of violence. POLITICS OF REFORM
California's golden grassland. WILDLIFE HAVEN SAVED
Court rules trash can become evidence once it is put outside
PLAN FOR THE PAN. Today you can plant your plot to suit your palate
Mayors offer agenda to confront `Tale of Two Cities' in the US
US politics '88, pluses and minuses
Western US wilderness under siege. Lake Powell: will the `jewel of the Colorado' become `Beer Can Hill'? Tourists, lured by 1,960 miles of shoreline...
Mere tolerance
Koop says smoking like addiction to illegal drugs
Korea. Sampling an ancient culture via food, dance
Presidential pardons: a ticking bomb
School buses not designed for high-speed highway travel
German banker says stable US dollar is on shaky ground
More talks likely on Cambodian stalemate, premier says
Marriage on `Sesame Street'
Western US wilderness under siege. Beauty of Rocky Mountain rivers: their beauty belies `heavy metal' contamination. Mining residues pollute runoff...
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers
Meese aides' leaving jolts Justice
Poland: How long will calm last? Strikers are back at work, but their grievances persist
Softball complexes providing more than just playing fields. Facility in California offers restaurant, disco, batting cages