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Monitor Archive for May 16, 1988

Guerrilla leader hopeful about end to conflict in Nambia
Wall Street uneasy over rising interest rates
Which comes first, TV news or public views?
Sikh extremists keep heat on Gandhi. Standoff complicates solution to militants' calls for separate homeland
Concert performances round out opera menu
It's time to save the elephant
Healing depression through prayer
SAGOLANDET. The paternal Swedish state knows what's best for the Swedes. Or does it? Filmmaker Troell thinks the father is now a Big Brother that ch...
Third-world states spending less on arms in recent years. New suppliers overtake some traditional dealers
The Unicyclist
The urban cyclist as destiny's darling
Egypt wants aid money now, reforms later. FOREIGN LOANS
Battling for power with bullets and ballots
`New cinema' director sees different Rio. Diegues discusses his new film, `Subway to the Stars'
Democrats shape platform. The party is walking a fine line between accommodating influential constituencies - such as blacks under the leadership of...
Mideast violence: beware the swamp of political expediency
Requiem for a Raleigh
The socialist stripe on many a leader takes on a capitalist cast
Midwives: the choice of some couples
The computer as artistic collaborator. Shows at IBM Gallery feature computer art and John Sloan works
Community's spirit and values shine in its architectural gems
The kid and the computer coup
Birthing center: ONE ALTERNATIVE
Dawson combines talent with hard work; Piniella already restless
Growing lessons. Grade-school greenhouse lights up classroom corner - and curriculum
Foreign banks mine lucrative US markets. American banks are often at a disadvantage on home turf; will capital requirement rules make the playing fi...
Hospital birth - most popular option