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Monitor Archive for April 6, 1988

Protecting abandoned women. In Bangladesh, steps taken to counter traditions that leave women vulnerable
Battle of the baguette in Senegal: Competition erodes traditional ties. Africa's former colonial rulers face a dilemma. They favor trade liberalizat...
`Son of Ham' - ways Easter dinner can star again
How to get Noriega? White House considers seizing taxes
Contra fighters: waiting and wary. NICARAGUAN CEASE-FIRE
Hand-to-mouth eating makes fingers into forks
Maguy Marin: dance theater's murky version of sexual politics
US to First Ladies: wear a hundred hats, just don't buy them. The First Lady's job mirrors the expanding role of women. But White House spouses walk...
Even in Timbuktu, the road is taking a capitalist turn
Hijacking of Kuwaiti jet to Iran highlights strained relations between the two nations
All aboard for the long ordeal. Crossing contentious India-Pakistan border by train takes patience
Verifying integrity
WHO'S COOKIN'. Working 5 to 9: women who bring home bacon still expected to cook it
Where the avant-garde flows into the mainstream. This season, theater and dance took center stage at America's leading showcase for what's new in th...
Smoky Mountain has Aquino down on the dumps
Tokyo fingers firms for illegal China trade
US Mideast peace plan treading water. Shultz shuttles but fails to get clear answer from Arabs or Israel
The naturalist in Beatrix Potter
Final chapter still to be written in Mecham saga. Will ousted Arizona governor run in recall election next month?
Iran's victories add force to demands at UN
Karole Armitage: movement for its own sake
The momentum of justice
Compromise on judgeship in North Carolina
Soviet leaders blast reform naysayers. Pravda article seen as boost for Gorbachev
In the grip of commercial euphoria, Spain is up for sale. Foreign investment fuels boom as economy gets ready for a busy 1992
Ode to Teflon
Going to school at the office. Company builds classrooms for children of employees