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Monitor Archive for April 21, 1988

Learning to love your true self
Belgian takeover battle: more? De Benedetti vows a `major role' in Soci'et'e G'en'erale
The 2-minute swan
Gamecock receiver expected to be a prize catch of NFL draft
The fight over new limits on damages for financial fraud
Desperately seeking land in volatile Panama. Some of capital's poor stake their claim on top of toxic dump
Mozambique rebels slaughter fleeing civilians. REFUGEE PLIGHT
In musical `Mail' correspondents come noisily to life
Japanese stand firm on whaling as `a matter of national pride'. They say their aim is research and that Western criticism is `Japan-bashing'
Paying for the world's displaced. Refugee needs conflict with efforts to control US budget. What is a fair share for the US? The massive need is to...
Step-by-step-parenting. Stepparents have bum rap, handed down by Cinderella's stepmother
Shaping `Elmer Gantry' into a musical
Closing the gap between workers' skills and jobs. Bosses step in with books as job sophistication grows
The joys of hearing Leonie Rysanek - in any role
Hijack ending: Does it send wrong message to terrorists? US concerned that hijackers may not be brought to trial
Gulf escalation clouds Shultz visit to Soviet Union. SUMMIT PREPARATIONS
THAILAND BESIEGED. Refugee influx outpaces resettlement to other countries
Crisis of leadership besets troubled Israel. Political parties can barely coexist, let alone find a way for Israelis and Palestinians to live togeth...
Election '88 shapes up as close fight. Inclination is to `throw the rascals out,' but Democrats could face racial fracture
Easing Arab-Jewish tensions. Grass-roots groups try language and art
Glasnost and the Soviet nuclear experience
From goldfishing to perfect pitch
What New York did
Of competence and charisma