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Monitor Archive for April 18, 1988

Keep food aid out of civil wars
Ethiopia ousts agencies to take over relief effort. US officials doubt Eritrea will get supplies
PLO remains undaunted. Group vows more violence following Wazir murder
Dukakis wins US votes, while Doukakis wins Greek hearts. Democratic candidate seen as hometown boy in the `old country'
States seek way to cash in on growing buy-by-mail business. Firms oppose bill that would require them to collect sales taxes
Listening for wisdom
Common crackers for common folk
In the North, Vermont Country Stores symbolize era of penny candy and overalls
Innocence and the flying brick
Dukakis lead holds, but race tightens. NEW YORK PRIMARY
A tale of three exhibitions: assemblages, squares, lyric oils. Collages at Guggenheim; Stamos retrospective; Josef Albers centennial
Wazir's assassination spells more trouble for US's Mideast peace plan. PLO VOWS REVENGE
Take me home, country stores. In the South, Seymour's is where folks enjoy `jawing'
Mark McGwire not letting big rookie season go to his head
A voice for the voiceless
For Gore, desperate hours. Sees hope in late gains of undecided New York voters
A low mark for testing
Congress takes close look at US agency's aid to third-world women
Laid off in the workers' paradise
France's troubled communists. The party is losing its loyal following - even to the rightists
Panel would make closing bases easier. UNNEEDED MILITARY FACILITIES
A way out of Middle East violence
How to recognize an intellectual
The classic LP gives way to CDs for classics. [HD]People just aren't buying the `licorice pizzas' anymore
Swedish treasures spread before US. Sweden sent royalty, as well as jewels and art, to Washington to initiate `The Year of New Sweden,' marking the...
An Israeli warns of `Samson complex'
Swaying to the boom-bust-boom beat. Market still fluctuates six months after the plunge
Schools team up on Grade 6. Study finds groups with several teachers most effective
Republicans in Washington try to sort out policy on day care
Frank and Sammy: the case of the missing spark
Democrats' best issue: a more productive economy