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Monitor Archive for April 15, 1988

Mayors to editors: Growing `underclass' is survival issue for US
A family divided by war. Nicaraguan homes suffer the pain of civil conflict
IT'S A SPA, IT'S A GARDEN, IT'S `SUPERBATH'. Today's bathrooms are styled far beyond yesteryears'
The right to practice what you preach. Constitution of the United States -- Amendment 1. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of r...
Nesting on the cheap
Court cases: 25 years of zigzagging
On Capitol Hill, creative tension turns to gridlock
What Soviets gain from going. Afghan pullout augurs better ties with China, the West
A baseball historian goes to bat for some Negro League greats
Maddox: `No unnecessary burden on believers'
Guarding religious freedom
Relief groups say their ouster may spur Ethiopia rights abuses
Film actors help to revive radio drama. Los Angeles group putting landmark plays on stage, too
Taxes and politics
Getting to know computers, sort of, in America's schools
Redford's the vanquished in `Milagro Beanfield War'
Hydro Quebec project will pump more power to Northeast US
When no answer is apparent
A charioteer lost in a marsh
The next Stamp Act
Memories of industrial tragedies prompt new laws. Companies must now disclose hazardous chemicals they use
On social issues Dukakis, Jackson differ in style more than substance
Mercurial UN mediator hits gold
Gore hits rivals on defense policy. In New York, maybe his last stand, he stresses experience on arms and Soviets
On-line for the honor roll. Computers help keep potential dropouts in school
US trade problems stage a comeback
No `liberties' with the truth
Tight money slows Australian filmmaking. `Crocodile Dundee II' among the few new titles just completed
Ensuring airlines are fit to fly
Former Fiji leader passes hat for comeback try
Nicaragua's peace process back on track
Ambushed by dust bunnies? Call in the maid brigade
Short and sweet signing of Geneva accords ends tortuous negotiations. AFGHAN ACCORD
US agencies and border residents grope for better relationship