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Monitor Archive for April 14, 1988

COMPENSATING VICTIMS OF WAR. Ottawa hears redress claim of Japanese-Canadians
Loyal Democrat
Opera `Nixon in China' in intimate TV version
Zimbabwe: lots of graduates, not enough jobs. Need for trade liberalization is key issue in faltering economy
Adventures of helpful animals and people
Jewish emigration: a century-old need to find safe havens
HISPANICS: Under the `suspicious' eye of border agents
All in the (Muppet) family. Brian Henson - former hater of children's favorite puppets - now coordinator of his father's Muppet productions in London
The high value of humor in the home
Pakistan sorts out debris of blast. Questions linger on sabotage, siting of munitions dump
HISPANICS: Under the `suspicious' eye of border agents. `It's a high-pressure job'
Benny Benchpress will be your coach
TV version of Frank family story focuses on protectors
Jimmy Breslin: the same fight, new arenas
Lawmakers asked to involve business in housing policies
Three contenders for Byrd's post are definitely not all of a feather
Restructure the NRC
The '30s serenade the '80s with jazz violin. Stephane Grappelli delighting US fans
Elephants... the choir stalls
HISPANICS: Under the `suspicious' eye of border agents. `They slapped me around'
How will religion play at the polls come November? CHURCH AND STATE
US sanctions leave Panama businessmen with mixed sentiments
Drive to stop killing by tuna fleets is given new impetus. DOLPHIN SLAUGHTER
Anne Frank and her sheltering friends. The Gies family recalls an extremely risky period
Good goodbyes