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Monitor Archive for April 13, 1988

May East-bloc states now chart their own socialist paths?
US border agents charged with rights abuse. Customs, INS forces walk legal tightrope in bid to catch illegals and drug smugglers
Saturdays, it turns for the prince. Holland's windmills grind grain again
Toward Afghan stability
The house that timber built
Democrats stake out defense spending goals. Front-runners fight charges of being `soft'
A woman's place is in the studio. The art and times of Lily Martin Spencer
Alan Paton's lasting message
Wartime Washington recruited even typewriters
Tracking chemical weapons in the Gulf war
Jilted by US, antinuke New Zealand finds own way in military buildup. AFTER THE ANZUS PACT
A vote for reason
UNIFIL's future
Europe's top-rate youth orchestra now on US shores. But poor acoustics dampens opening concert in Florida
Fugard explores love, trust, friendship. South African playwright wrote, and acts in, his most eloquent drama yet
Religion and politics
Utilities invest in watt-saving projects through rebates to business
Zola Budd's international running career at a critical crossroads
Palestinians say expulsions were expected and won't work
Bearing the burden of grown-ups' hatred. Northern Ireland's children
Canadian `native son' springs surprise on a Soviet superstar
Census takers grapple with the 2 to 4 million-people question. Cities and states don't want repeat of undercount
Politicians, religious leaders confer on world's problems
Gunboat diplomacy in South China Sea
Jackson hits Jewish and blue-collar snags in N.Y. NEW YORK PRIMARY
Armed services offering blacks a fair shake, study shows. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY
`Last Emperor' sweeps Oscars
`Oh, to be in England's ``Holland,'' now that April's there'. Like the Netherlands, England's lowlands have water - and tulips
Holland's dark hearty roggebrood