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Monitor Archive for March 8, 1988

Night gazers, star wanderers
Tourists discover why St. John is not just another island
Libyan border activity sends mixed messages to Chad, West. INTERPRETING QADDAFI
The 3 p.m. of her soul is a laugh a minute
Super Tuesday: a sound idea that didn't work. For Southern Democrats, `Super Flop'
No envy in my niche
Aussies' answer to sandy soil
Satirists teasing D.C. Capitol Steps lead to Washington's lighter side
Small, sporty cars once again take a back seat. Baby-boomers move up to more practical size
A cycle of crackdowns in East Germany - with a new twist
Poetic evening
European tourists flock to US
Maine focus of college hockey with nation's top-ranked team
Earthwatch taps a yen to play Indiana Jones
A battle that could change the course of Angola's war. Cuito Cuanavale is remote, but important
Giant step
Senator Bradley opts to only stand and wait
Campaign finances: how candidates raise and spend big bucks
Underfoot and overlooked - worldwide soil erosion needs attention
PESHAWAR. Pakistani city is a welcoming place
Taking evasive action in the Gulf. Attacks involving US Navy shatter 18-day lull in waterway
S. Africa ties with neighbors go from cool to icy. Pretoria's sabre rattling aims to reassure right-wing whites
Fast-food outlets with their stainless counters help to push up the prices of Canadian nickel
Domino theory III: Gorbachev faces fear of fragmenting