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Monitor Archive for March 4, 1988

Playing politics with pictures: seeing (on a TV screen) is believing. Media messages
Portraits of hope. Scott Barrows draws missing children with age progression process
Cities use scholarship money - plus mentors - to cut dropout rate
Henry's pet squirrel
State of the state in an age of bigger bureaucracy. A hidden branch of government
For a more dynamic Europe
Urbanite answers call of wild and becomes top dog sled racer
When the hero is Character itself. Rereading `Lord Jim'
The story of Britain's colorful, contradictory publisher Gollancz
US scrapes the rust off Big Steel
Three quit teen pregnancy panel
Microwaves, more microwaves, and more microwaves
`And if elected, will you care about kids?'
`Babette's Feast': tasteful screen fare. France, Denmark make a fine film team
Spiritual resources and our needs
A capitalist showcase for China? Chinese face hurdles wooing funds for island ventures
TV campaign in South wraps up. Candidates fire final volley in Super Tuesday air war
How the Hitler myth took hold in Germany. Manipulating masses
In Geneva talks, Afghanistan agrees to speedier Soviet withdrawal. Offer doesn't address key Pakistani concern on transition government
A speech is not an essay on legs. Advice from Charles Osgood
Microwave ovens: cooking basics for kids of all ages
`Probe' blends science fiction and detective story. New series stars Parker Stevenson as the offbeat sleuth
Presidential PR and leadership in the Oval Office
Emotion up, gestures down; joke a lot, don't wear brown
US Jews in turmoil over violence in Israel. American Jews in turmoil. SPEAKING OUT
Folksy and friendly political portraits. Campaign biographies
Missile miscalculation in Gulf war? Iraqi raids on Iranian cities complicate UN bid for unified arms embargo against Tehran
Grammys sometimes surprised, dismayed. Artistic merit: not always the yardstick
Centers of power on the Potomac
On the trail of Rimbaud, `the man with the soles of wind'. Pursuing a poet