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Monitor Archive for March 31, 1988

Curbing the arms flow
Shultz's persistence
On the run with gun ... and computer
Louisville tries using cash to get new plays. Newcomer Jimmy Breslin lives up to his bargain, but critics rap commissioning
Contents of an empty box
Wanted: 250 arms control inspectors. Pentagon corps will check INF compliance - and escort Soviets in the US
Dramas serve up Italian spice and a dollop of British history
His life is Cambodia's story
Books from Islamic publishing houses sell well in Egyptian markets
How an appointment with a coach became a lesson on packing
Suspicion grips a racially polarized community. Justice system in a North Carolina county questioned after murder
CIA, covert action, and congressional oversight
Brazil's debt plan tests warming ties to banks. Strapped again
Counsel for the condemned
Essays on life in Central America today
Philharmonia and Sinopoli: formidable talents, but poorly matched? Prestigious London orchestra faltering under new conductor
A super star goes out in style. The aftermath of a supernova blast reveals that nature is a successful alchemist
Their island in the sun. St. Helena Island, S.C., is held in a special unwritten trust of family and church ties
The way to be lifted up
Ed Meese must go ... [ cf. ... and so must Noriega ]