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Monitor Archive for March 25, 1988

Prisoners take calls to help tourists escape - to Idaho. Telemarketing trains inmates and relieves overloaded agency
Foreign affairs in the election
He sees seasmoke by the seashore
YOU CAN GO HOME AGAIN. Prominent artists return to the lonely and compelling world of Eugene O'Neill's plays - and to their own seminal, bittersweet...
Thoughts and things
Firms deny conspiracy in hiking rates. STATES SUE LIABILITY INSURERS
The flourishing of `tacit' diplomacy. New superpower mood helps smooth regional wrinkles
Third-world consumer groups chalk up steady successes
Films grow up with their maturing maker. Director John Hughes stays alert to young adults' concerns in the late '80s
US-Japan trade vise tightens on Takeshita. Japanese premier faces US sanctions if he can't deliver open markets
High-mileage fastball pitcher Nolan Ryan a baseball wonder
Foreigners stash money in `safe haven' nations
Michigan next stop on Democrats' `long march' to Atlanta
Learning to take a stitch in time to save old books
Bins, boxes, bottles, and baskets to the rescue. Dallas businessmen specialize in items that get you organized
`Attention blue-light shoppers'. Martha Stewart reveals secrets of stylish living to K mart customers
Hunger creeps into Panama's glittering capital. Country's cash crisis pushes thousands of new poor into food lines
Moyers probes the nature of evil. Creative thinkers air their views in new series on ideas
British security forces news media to turn in tapes. NORTHERN IRELAND
Mr. Reagan in Moscow
How a tale may get twisted. `Rashomon' returns with its engaging irony
Fiction and fact entwine as a novelist tackles the life of Chatterton
Homeless get hand up, not handout from enterprises like `Burger-Up'