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Monitor Archive for March 24, 1988

European Community beefs about use of US meat hormones. Public opinion in West Europe leads EC to steer away from US meats
OUT OF THE BARRIO. Housing program relocates poor Mexican families to homes in the countryside
After Shamir
Books inspire two historical miniseries. ... and PBS finds the Dickens in `David Copperfield' [ cf. Vidal's `Lincoln' says `here's how it might have...
Chinese go for going broke. National parliament poised to approve bankruptcy law to punish debt-ridden companies
France breathes sigh of relief that Mitterrand finally is in race
Giving women their history. During March, communities and schools all over the United States honor the accomplishments of women throughout the world
A glimpse backstage at contra-Sandinista peace talks. OLD FOES COMPARE NOTES
UN agency tackles spread of tobacco use in third world. Campaign kicks off with World No Smoking Day
In city kids he finds the mathematician's mind
Clever cartoon drives home a grim message
Brazil's embattled leader gets breathing space for economic fight. Congress vote to keep presidential system works to Sarney's benefit
South Dakota night
`One accord'
Haunting photographs sum up 100 years of Russian Jewish history
The uneasy truce in West Belfast. Police battle deep distrust of Catholic community
US offices reaching out to fax someone - anyone
Books inspire two historical miniseries. Vidal's `Lincoln' says `here's how it might have been' ...
Balancing free-speech and church-state issues
The Shah, Marcos ...
Owning the unpossessable
Democrat hopefuls woo party `elders'. As the Democratic race remains tight, candidates scramble for the support of superdelegates - party leaders wh...
New Zealand's `experiment' in righting racial wrongs. Bid to settle land claims of Maoris sparks concerns of racial conflict
Look out, Yugoslavia, there's a Big Mac attack coming on! First McDonald's opens in a communist country, and the fans are lining up