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Monitor Archive for March 18, 1988

Football-minded Pitt polishes long lusterless basketball program
Cat and the credit line
Foray puts Congress on the spot. Democratic opponents of contra aid on defensive
US dilemma with Laos: protect the living - or dead? Trade-off between drug crackdown and progress on MIAs
John Lithgow, character actor. Maybe you can't place the face, but the roles are indelible
US troops: `symbol' of support for Honduras
Who am I?
Cities: back from beyond the blue horizon
Sound effects - and sound advice - for teen-agers. Michael Pritchard teaches kids `the power of choice' with humor
Closing the PhD gender gap. US needs women to fill future shortage of researchers
After 25 years, public-defender system still has shortcomings
Sticking by friends
Toned-down `Inherit the Wind' remains controversial, timely
Soldiers fighting for opportunity and honor
Palestinians, Gulf Arabs donate aid to uprising in Israeli-held territories. CASH FOR CLASH
Japan and Britain view their own backyards with new interest
`The Grand Highway'. French filmmakers enjoy childhood reminiscence
When ice came in cakes
From Super Tuesday to Nov. 8
Smile, Polaroid, you could be a fetching takeover target