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Monitor Archive for March 15, 1988

Canada pursues landmark legislation to preserve ethnic diversity
Spring on the slopes. What you'll find at six meccas of sun-time skiing in the US
Opera and orchestral premi`eres kick off Soviet-American festival
Gold medal skiers peaks apart as people, but not as athletes
Befriending America's big bird
Unrest heightens Bangladesh's economic woes. Nation's dependence on foreign aid is seen by critics as part of the problem
Foreigners who misused their visas can't enter amnesty door. Many find fault with immigration law and take their case to court
Agency finds political risk at home, too. Should US companies get special insurance for overseas operations?
Rapid rise in methane gas may speed worldwide climatic changes
Agitation in the Pacific. Would patchwork agreements anger US trading partners?
In Israeli-occupied lands, youths lead charge. Palestinian parents and Israeli Army on defensive as teen-agers lead unrest
Leipzig in March - fair game for all comers
Palestine lives quietly in Arab-Americans' hearts
Civil rights win for the deaf. Gallaudet students hail symbolism of deaf president
Charles Darwin's notebooks - the origin of the `Origin of Species'
Panama sizes up Uncle Sam. Most Panamanians cool to Noriega's efforts to fan anti-American sentiment
Party shifts in Chicago give Republicans a boost
New avenues
Root cellar: the original frost-free `refrigerator'