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Monitor Archive for March 1, 1988

Farewell to Calgary
To chart ocean currents, oceanographers go with the flow
Theft of Nazi records ends West German footdragging on files
Viewer, beware: Film and video can differ
In rural India, rumble of discontent grows. Drought and high prices drive farmers to launch protests
The `Cry' that has echoed for 40 years. Writer Alan Paton still sees hope for his beloved country
Here come the children... Boy at kitchen window: Thursday morning
Drunken-driving arrests up 220 percent since '70
Here come the children... The small things my baby wears
Quiet beach community near Acapulco beckons to jaded travelers
Babies and the state of the world
Here come the children... Madison in March
US officials cling to slim hopes on Mideast. Shultz team sees absence of outright `no' as sign to keep pushing peace
Working restfully
US looks to future after worst Winter Olympic showing in 52 years
Will it rain in Spain when tropical forests are plains?
Here come the children... Sully plays Chopin
The US isn't winning the science Olympics either
Soviet pullout from Afghanistan could help restore Saudi ties
Tiny windows on history: beads and cultures that produced them
Boston center helps kids focus on learning, not violence
Innocent passage in the Black Sea?
GOP weaves fight on textiles. In a pivotal state whose economy is battered by textile imports, Dole, Robertson favor restrictions, Bush and Kemp opp...
Iranian missiles reignite `war of cities' with Iraq. Escalating attacks on nonmilitary targets give urgency to UN diplomacy
Green grows garbage. `Convertit' process turns municipal trash into fertilizer
`This blessed plot, this England'. - Shakespeare. Three gardens - Great Dixter, Sissinghurst, and Hidcote - English landscape architecture at its be...