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Monitor Archive for February 4, 1988

`Reagan Doctrine' impact questioned by left and right
American Indian stories that teach and entertain
`Yankee, come South'. Trade show lures winter-weary Northerners to retirement south of the frost line
Angels? in the 1980s?
Soviet visitor tries to reconcile conflicting images of America
Peter Brook directs Chekhov
Iran's use of jet in Gulf raid raises concerns
Who's on - and off - the Soviet map
Campaign '88: Issues Scorecard
Los Angeles celebrates Britain's contributions to arts. The British are coming for a 12-week arts festival in Los Angeles, with premi`eres galore an...
The Murdoch-Kennedy tiff
Model of socialist sport. Skater Katarina Witt champions the value of East Germany's state-run sports system
Runaway rent in Paris. As rent control ends, Parisians cope with housing dilemma
The flip side of `Black Monday'
Privacy should prevail
Florida child
Soviet `Red notes' get a chilly reception on Wall Street
Class-action suit out of fashion in today's law cases. Court rulings make lawsuits filed by group less attractive
Happy graduation, tigers!
Time is ripe, but US bid for Mideast peace faces huge obstacles
A `Boh`eme' not to be forgotten. Met production soars with guest conductor Kleiber
China, Cambodia resistance leader at odds. Peking rejects Sihanouk's compromise over Vietnam troop withdrawal