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Monitor Archive for February 29, 1988

Franchising grows from burgers to boutiques. Giving opportunities to people with skills and ambition, but no background
Economists weigh the possibilities in election winnowing
To Degas, a beginning was an end in itself
`Super Saturday' showdown builds for GOP in South Carolina
The incredible flying plastic lid
Pearl-drop moments of epiphany
They may need liberating, but is there a `men-bashing' trend? Male role models - both gentle and masculine - are scarce
A prosperous society
TV: Local news coverage getting more emphasis
Robert Wilson stages `Quartet,' based on `Liaisons' novel
US history: revising the way the textbooks tell it
Contras, Democrats move toward marriage of circumstance. Agreement would likely ensure approval of new aid package
Witt, Tomba, Soviet hockey team dominate final Olympic weekend
Walk mile in their moccasins: steps to solving `gender game.' Men's movement leader talks about changing attitudes
Next US president's lot won't be an easy one, study warns
S. Korea critics push for more action on human rights
Pentagon drafts plans for `smarter' weapons
A tale of a famous failed rebellion - the Ireland of Parnell's times
Surprised postal patrons object to smut in the mailbox
The ozone layer: a different perspective
Window of hope opens on cold night
Father: breadwinner or nurturer? FATHERS' RIGHTS
When the tide chased a negligent watercolorist. Washington show traces 220 years of English art
With royal flourish, the Brits woo L.A.
Europe worries US cuts will add to strains on manpower, money. NATO COST-SHARING
Gorbachev treads fine line on Armenian issue. Soviet leader's conciliatory line may fuel more nationalism, but crackdown would stymie reform
Modern technology reduces need for natural ice and snow. WINTER OLYMPICS IN FIJI?