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Monitor Archive for February 17, 1988

By the China Sea, migrants share a zest for freedom
Rupert Murdoch's media kingdom spans contintents
Simply Red - pop band in touch with pre-rock-and-roll roots. Lead singer Hucknall stresses good melodies
Gentlemen, ink your presses! Purged South Korean editors launch independent newspaper
The dilemma of reporting child abuse
American abroad: a candidate with a global perspective. Andrew Sundberg says he speaks for 3 million citizens outside the US
RESURRECTION OF A RUSSIAN MONASTERY. As a restored historic treasure and a revived spiritual center, the Danilovsky is both the object of worship an...
Rare ski-jumping bird from England is crowd favorite at Olympics
Third-world conflicts and US interests
5-percent solutions to help first-time home buyers
Kasparov's stunning comeback
Nabokov, the novelist who nabbed butterflies
Unmasking the real man behind the medieval myth of Merlin
Taking no chances navigating the Gulf. British ship mans battle stations against array of Iran threats
David Hockney at home in sunny L.A. British-born artist enjoys superstar status
Austrian government in stalemate following Waldheim speech
It's pack-it-in day for some campaigns
Chinese New Year. Dining out in China
Despite evidence of Army abuses, Israel sticks to iron-fist policy
Brotherhood and democracy
Nicaraguan peace opportunity
Biologists want to try their hand at breaking the genetic code. An expensive project to unravel the human genetic code has been endorsed by the Nati...
Chinese New Year. Dining out in America
A tragic death sweeps in change. Fatal beating by police makes Texas town look within
God's provision for all