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Monitor Archive for February 16, 1988

Obedience to the First Commandment heals
Britain bends to toe the community line
Thanks, LDH
Options markets try to make amends for some big investor losses in October
The double-hulled white streak
Canada readies a `space garage' for NASA's station. Movable crane will be used for construction, servicing
Al Haig: where the contra policy went wrong
New Reagan space policy could put US program back in orbit
Road to the presidency - an agonizing test of character
Paraguay ruler chalks up election win amid greater opposition activity
Gene-tailored organisms: soon ready for testing. But how are you going to keep them down on the farm?
Simon and Gephardt scrap to finish No. 2. DEMOCRATS IN NEW HAMPSHIRE
A stronger society
Labor pleased with `wait-and-see' plan. By not endorsing a Democratic candidate in the primaries, AFL-CIO leaders hope to conserve their resources f...
Tales of Africa - and Africans - at the edge
Former US First Ladies provide launch pad for new ERA drive. Constitutional change will preserve gains made, speakers say
World's diamond districts nicked by falling dollar
One slip, and thousands of dollars shatter
A million butterflies await intrepid travelers in Mexico
Calgary Olympics: the Games that TV built
As the economy goes, so goes the nation, this analyst indicates
Balkan states are set to talk, despite enmities. But ethnic conflicts may yet stand in way of more regional cooperation
Canada eyes best-ever Winter Olympic showing in Calgary
China adopts tough measures to curb population boom
Report that Army massacred famine victims jeopardizes aid. ETHIOPIA AID THREATENED