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Monitor Archive for February 10, 1988

Serious water problems loom for Middle East
The game that gave Karpov the world championship - almost
Aussie misery over man from Missouri. GEPHARDT'S IOWA WIN
A guide to historians of the Holocaust
Two operas in Houston - without last year's hoopla
Tying the knot at Nuptial Palace No. 4
Waldheim report cites proximity to crimes, leaves guilt issue unclear
Latest Taiwanese films brim with Americana
Business likes Iowa results. Dole and Gephardt get high marks in poll of CEOs
Pakistan sees settlement near
Queen Bee of Chocolate. For Lora Brody, Valentine's Day means lots of chocolate
Questions on British justice
Socrates and the urban cowboy
Don't count on zipping through '87 tax forms
Why Arabs aren't listening when US talks Mideast peace
`Doctors of the law'
Sifting the winners from the losers
GOP after Iowa: trouble ahead
Long day's jury toward a verdict