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Monitor Archive for December 27, 1988

Pollution turns into hot issue for Italy. Italians raise a stink after failed efforts to dump toxic waste overseas
Violence cited in lagging life expectancy among US blacks. Drug-related murders widen mortality gap between blacks, whites
Egypt aids PLO effort to set up a government
Wall Street's fast buck artists
Plant your Christmas tree
New wave of strategists work to develop Africa `from the bottom up'
Landowners claim bigger slice of mineral pie in Papua New Guinea
Paradors offer changes of scene. SEEING PUERTO RICO
The paradox of Billy Bone, idol of the imagination
Hackers expand their illegal skills to voice mail
Sustainable agriculture - where soil conservation and organic farming meet
Newcomers Yaz, Bench, Perry head unusually tough Hall of Fame ballot
Early storm warning for the Atlantic coast
Israel and peace
All have a share of the sea. Here in Bayou La Batre, as in other US seacoast towns, the relations between Vietnamese refugees and local fisherman ar...
Making new homes and good jobs in a jiffy
Courtship won, rival routed, Bush now shows he can woo
Drexel's lesson
Dominion over the earth
Sharing the costs of defense. Congress wants allies to pay more; Pentagon urges caution
Stocks start year on cautious but hopeful note
Ho, ho, ho, your tax forms are in the mail
Beware of those who can't stand good news
Bush relaxes in Texas, ponders candidates for final two Cabinet slots
Few easy targets remain if Bush, Congress decide to increase taxes
Soviets seek to restore private business, dislodge bureaucrats. Would-be Soviet entrepreneurs are organizing to field candidates in upcoming electio...
`Hawk' on inflation still sees need to keep a watchful eye on prices
The PLO's strategy: Will it work?
Sweden to slash income taxes to stimulate savings and economy
News In Brief
Bay State anti-AIDS drive targets minorities
Fighting for older Americans' rights. A growing number of lawyers are taking on legal problems of the elderly
A reprieve for television