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Monitor Archive for December 15, 1988

Poortvliet's nostalgic look at Dutch farm heritage
In Paraguay, a smuggler's paradise brings a thriving economy. This landlocked country depends on officially-approved corruption
Pressure or prayer?
Has media distorted issues in N.Y. child-murder trial?
Grappling with rights abuses in S. Korea. Activists say reforms have not reached repressive security system
High-risk biological warfare research
American Jews join Israel's `Who's a Jew?' debate
Arafat inches toward peace
PLO must yield more, security adviser Powell says
End of an era?
Anglo-Irish relations plunge to a new low over extradition issue. Irish attorney general defends decision not to release priest
Religious holidays should be lived, not litigated
Tomie de Paola: illustrator in touch with the child within
US debates whether to keep waiting for Arafat
`Smokeless' cigarette hasn't caught on. Tests in Arizona, Missouri reveal smoker resistance to new product
Foreign rescuers break through rubble ... and Russian reserve
The little parrot learned to say `Mazel tov!'
Don't give up on GATT
Charmed Christmases of donkeys, mice, ferrets, and their friends
Justy's new automatic transmits more pep
Trade gap narrowing - but not as quickly as anticipated. Americans keep buying foreign goods, while export boom slows
Arafat's visa: Shultz has better tools for fighting terrorism
Disease as an agent of war. Most people abhor the idea of biological warfare, but new technologies may soon make it easier
US plans boost in grain production. Drought, US-EC subsidy wars spur desire for change in policy
Prospects brighten for negotiations in Chile. Chile's political opposition has long demanded reform of the regime's Constitution before next year's...
Panel urges delayed restart of Savannah River weapons reactor
A chicken-or-the-egg debate pits US economic theorists. `First cousin' to monetarism proves highly accurate
US tired of Arab and Israeli `unwillingness'
Metaphor for the sublime
Angry Arabs say no new concessions from spurned PLO
The enigmatic gaps in Gorbachev's UN speech
`Anthrax' Island: where life imitates fiction
Genetic weapon: is it on the horizon?
News In Brief
Perspectives on Israel
Hollywood plays defense attorney
`What happened next?' Reading aloud on those long car trips can make all the difference for you and the kids
Meat and potatoes, with dignity on the side. At Cafe 458, the homeless have it their way
'Cane-raising in Florida; many proposed variations for extra-point rules
Architectural literalism - or a macabre metaphor in concrete?
Musical tribute to a betrayed hero. `Estrella,' new Peter Child cantata, tells story of a Nicaraguan martyr
The Indian-Chinese summit. Symbolic of a changing relationship
Despite new funds, Rio is unprepared for annual summer floods. Overcrowding, poor drainage, and piles of garbage complicate flood-proofing
FBI rustles up a posse of TV-generated leads. Law enforcement officers are lining up to get their `dead-end' cases reenacted on a new set of TV seri...