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Monitor Archive for November 7, 1988

No matter who wins the White House, analysts see steady rise in stock prices
Baltic groups resist Soviet reforms
Pulling strings. Salzburg marionettes in US tour
Voters chide candidates for negative campaigning
India's flexing of regional muscle in Maldives spurs praise, concern
A poet's poignant memoir of village life in revolutionary Mexico
GOP fights for statehouses in long march to Congress. Democratic statehouses have gerrymandered the GOP into a permanent minority in Congress. Repub...
Oil and gas surplus lowers heating-oil prices to make for cozy winter
Third round of Cambodia peace talks under way. UN vote puts pressure on Vietnam-backed regime
Algerian vote seen as mandate for profound economic change. New government expected to submit reform package
Direct democracy, gulp, at work
After a negative campaign, questions of character linger
How a neighborhood survived
Couple `in golden pool' as synchronized swimming duet
Poli. Lit. 101. Kids and candidates. Family discussions of issues help spark children's political literacy
The elusive gender gap
Brazilians hard pressed by hyperinflation. Inflation of nearly 30 percent a month has led to a rash of strikes and talk of a political shakeup. Braz...
For better elections
Could clothes make, or break, the man who would be President?
Winter shuts out the homeless. As temperatures drop, finding shelter is tough, but necessary
The debates - a view from the inside out
24 hours to go and Dukakis pushing hard. A rejuvenated Dukakis is fighting for the presidency into the final hours. His strategy includes wooing und...
That's folklore. Jokes of old-timers, CEO speeches, and crafts: folklorists study them all
On the heavy-debt road to big buyouts - some heavy risks in the offing
News In Brief
Judd's subtly provocative Minimalism. Also at the Whitney - art from the '20s
A courtly congressman
Health care and the minimum wage
A pat on the back, a slap in the face
US resists limits on international toxic waste trade
Black Republicans work to make black voters think Republican
Bark of religious parties may be worse than bite. ISRAELI ELECTION
Worlds of magic and mermaids. New novels stretch imagination - but not too far from home
Nicaraguan rebels wrangle over post-Reagan strategy
Boston makes second debut - as financial center. Mutual funds, banks help jettison stodgy image in burst of innovation