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Monitor Archive for November 30, 1988

Will Ashland's magic work in Portland? A second venture for Oregon's top drama company
Trials on television
What have we learned, my fellow electors?
Archives of autumn
A city life tempered by rural values. Dynamics of the Bullock family are responsibility, respect, and love
Freeing Mandela
Trout fly-tying for fishing aficionados
First frost
Mexican inauguration sends tremors through ranks. CHANGING OF THE POLITICAL GUARD
Senegal troupe is cut off from its roots. Trying to please Westerners, it has become like them
Rocking to the rhythms of the world
A man of morality and conviction
Chinese leaders reaffirm state's control over the economy
FAA wants airlines to modify takeoff alarms on 3,700 jets
The white bedspreads
How US sanctions hurt blacks
Aim some research funds at life beneath our feet
The voices of the ocean
Is Georgia ready for a black governor? Young thinks it is
In Poland, full shelves come before Solidarity. Premier counts on economic steps to satisfy call for reform
China's new pragmatism reaps foreign policy gains
Pushing the currency buttons
Burkina Faso still wading through murky waters, one year after coup
Savers can help ensure the safety of their savings
Canadian banks clean LDC debt. Or are they sweeping third-world loans under the rug?
College scholarships for six-year-olds. Fund set up for inner-city students across the US
Inflation looms as economic clouds form over Bush. Hikes in prime rate, GNP augur Fed move to cool economy
Harvard beat. Bake that beet! Braise that lettuce! Roast that garlic!
Catching the sunset. (Mt. Rainier)
Bush, Congress regroup. A `liberal' Mitchell wins Senate post
POW dispute stymies Gulf peace process. Iranian refusal to return all `wounded' halts first forward step after cease-fire
After amber, kept and unkept
Bears still bad news for opponents even without regular quarterback
In Pakistan, Bhutto's rise shakes some traditional views of women
VIDEOSCAN. A selection of new releases for sale or rent
Bush, Congress regroup. President-elect will need help from both parties on Capitol Hill