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Monitor Archive for November 3, 1988

For Hungary's capitalists, sky's almost the limit
South African elections leave a wobbling status quo
An authentic tale of Bombay street life. Director Mara Nair shows great promise
Why antifreeze prices are boiling over
New York studies expose need for more prenatal care
Farmers back off from the brink of disaster. Drought damage seems no worse, and in some cases, less severe than expected
Getting sort of tough on acid rain
Women writers fight crime-fiction stereotypes of women
Algeria's leader seeks mandate for his brand of political reform
Lines of stretched energy
Henry Ford's assembly line: production idea of the century
The mature years. Adult education. RETIREMENT
The fourth Russian revolution
Gipper out to win one for Bush. NOT LIKE IKE
The retirement plan
The election and deeper needs
Canberra's down under `Pollies' Palace'
Cowboys and Indians must vote
Thanksgiving Day, 1988. By the President of the United States of America. A Proclamation
News In Brief
The couponing of the American mind
The case of the reappearing crime novel: readers curl up with a good `whydunit'. Crime does pay. That's what some long-suffering mystery writers are...
For high school students it's Bush 2 to 1
Election '88: the Pacific West. Last in a series of state by state roundups
Zambians look to newly reelected leader for economic miracle
Ancient artifacts raise question: Is Japan an island? The Japanese set great store in the belief that their culture is distinct from other Asian cul...
Steppenwolf stages a Steinbeck epic. Commitment shines in adaptation of `Grapes of Wrath'
Taking home that perfect useless gift
The senior driver
US pressures Arafat to clarify stance on terrorism. Cites secret network's ties to PLO leader
Why you should vote
Peace and Israel's elections