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Monitor Archive for November 21, 1988

The shrinking stature of American management skill
Community around the table
Harvard coach Joe Restic believes in keeping football in perspective
Moral disarray: the enemy `is all of us'. So warns an expert in power and morality
A protest in Brazil
Human stories behind judicial rulings
Apartheid foes vow to fight jail for black leaders convicted of treason
Modernizing US manufacturing industries: too little too late?
Talk to us too, Mrs. Thatcher
From dull to d'ej`a vu in Dusseldorf. Eclectic, anything-goes show has dramatic flair, but little substance
Pakistan's crossroads
GAO says tax hike unavoidable
Economists suggest ways Bush can raise revenues without `raising' taxes
Yugoslavs teeter toward chronic instability. Ethnic tensions prompt disputes among party chiefs
Feeding the hungry, feeding oneself
US-Soviet joint ventures: big promise, small start
Canadians ask: Will free-trade deal cut into social safety net?
Smorgasbord of US bills signed
Carnegie International earns high marks. Large show of well-chosen art reflects recent trends
US once again weighs price of foreign ownership. FOREIGN INVESTMENT
Enniskillen finds hope among ruins
Bulgarian folk singers find eager US audience
US challenges EC plan to ban treated beef. US charges political motives, threatens tariffs
Gregg blasts federal nuclear plan
In which language do Algerians debate future?
`Light Stuff' shows right stuff. `NOVA' TRACKS A MODERN DAEDALUS
Hearts that burn
Equal dorm rules and the simple `joys' of maidenhood
Mexico's oil bust turns Paradise into purgatory
Worldwatch report points to new class of `environmental refugees'. Desertification, disasters, and toxic contamination drive people from home
`Rumors': mad mel'ee from Neil Simon. Broadway veteran tries out farce, and it's hilarious
US-Brazilian study says gasohol creates `greenhouse gases'
Ghanaians hoot at hunger. Ga tribe hosts its own kind of Thanksgiving. AFRICAN HARVESTTIME
Falling dollar proves kind to US automakers