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Monitor Archive for October 3, 1988

Bork on elections and constitutional law
Pushing the pay envelope. Urban teachers win high salaries and more
No liberal court in sight. Even a Dukakis win might not alter high court makeup
Dark currents flow beneath the surface of Moore's stone
Father scrubbed the steps, Mother kept the peace
Art is a chair (and a cupboard, and a lamp)
Dukakis's health-care plan
Gorbachev tightens his grip
Why Costa Rica's Arias is losing his luster
Politics bites into a soft center
S. Korea returns to reality after the fun and Games. With the Olympics ended, politics is again the chief sport in Seoul. But there are signs that a...
Popular congressmen wage a fierce battle for Stennis seat. MISSISSIPPI SENATE RACE
Space experiments back on track
Jordanian monarch sees need for Mideast to break with past. But he fears that Israel, Arabs, and US may bypass opportunity
Underpinnings sculpted into art forms
Chic `antique'. Designer makes period pieces with a touch of modern wit. HOME FURNISHINGS
China reins in market reforms. Move aims to head off unrest over inflation, corruption
Space station planners take two small steps
Gorbachev's stronger hand. The swift shake-up in Moscow once again has demonstrated Gorbachev's mastery of political timing and strategy. Pro-reform...
Beyond the debates, the real issue is leadership
Two weeks of SHOW STOPPERS
Pinochet has his loyalists. Chileans in business and military back general's tactics
Manville pulling out of the asbestos quagmire
Good vibes in the classroom
When arms sales replace foreign policy
Jamaica struggles to rebuild
Chile's Pinochet: tenacious infighter
C'ardenas taps discontent as he battles ruling party. MEXICO'S `MAN OF THE MOMENT'
Tock of the town
No liftoff for gold and high-technology stocks
Controversy nothing new to feisty ACLU. The American Civil Liberties Union defines its role as protecting the right of citizens to disagree with gov...
Concordant moving
Japan makes it small in US
`Why did they make it so big?' Australia's Parliament builds a billion-dollar controversy