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Monitor Archive for October 14, 1988

Peter Graves, suave and versatile
BLACK MONDAY - ONE YEAR LATER. Market reform on hold
Trade gap widens to $12 billion, fueling Democratic rhetoric. But Republicans stress that long-term narrowing is on track
It's just like a Club Med under canvas
WANTED: a better television diet for today's young people
Timbuktu is not a myth - it's alive and well in Mali. Bouquets of chickens, a sublime mud mosque, and acrobatic water bearers
Palestinian Americans lament life in exile. Many Palestinian Americans, regardless of how long they have lived in the US, feel an acute sense of exi...
Can resourceful Dodgers defuse Oakland's power company in Series?
Kennedy siblings lend some youthful spark to father's reelection drive. The senator is in a rare hard-fought contest with young Republican Joe Malon...
`Respect the land,' says the woman some people call `the mother of us all'
Why Puskie refused to stop at rail crossings
Freedom's drive
BLACK MONDAY - ONE YEAR LATER. Main Street shrugs off Wall Street
There's no place like homeland
South Africa's local vote: an official `trump card' that might not work
Jesse Jackson wades in. After fading from public view, Jesse Jackson has reentered the lists in defense of liberalism. Will it help Dukakis? (Debate...
Train ride
Worldwide woes of teaching astronomy
Astronomical illiteracy. Science educators are saying, `Let's get Sirius.'
One year later, a solid rebound. BLACK MONDAY - ONE YEAR LATER
`All aboard!' the first passenger train
Give George Bush his due
Foundations of sapphire, windows of agate
Pick your team: California or California
Legalization of Solidarity is key test for Poles. Forthcoming union-government talks will signal authorities' give on the issue
Egyptian becomes first Arab-language author to win Nobel Prize. NOTICED AT LAST
Whither `kinder, gentler'?
Cracks in the communist world
Hard times behind, Boston Ballet is buoyant. New artistic director Bruce Marks signs for 5 more years
US debates sanctions against Iraq
Living a Filipino idyll at Mrs. Lily B. Luglug's. Getting there is about one-10th of the fun, but the scenery is strange and wonderful
News media glare prompts Soviet labor-camp reforms
At the Pushkar Camel Fair. Tourists get a close look at the descendants of India's warrior-kings
Japanese debate rightful role of monarch in modern democracy. Prospect of imperial transition stirs right wing