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Monitor Archive for January 6, 1988

Zimbabwe gropes for peace
2,000-plus chemicals in drinking water
JPL's Allen says US must soon get its own launchers off the pads. NASA INTERVIEW
Trail of Bahrain sabotage investigation seen leading to Iran
Dockside cranes dancing
Happy New Year, Moscow-style
A case where dollars may be calling the classical tune
Is being good, dull?
Down on stocks? Savings choices offer safety, possibly higher yields
Princess Scruffysix, meet Princess Mellowtwelve
West German resolve on terrorism being put to the test. HAMADEI TRIAL
For TV networks, `People Meter' is a profit eater
Two decades of change and challenge in Latin American politics
In pursuit of the perfect popover. When everything works well, good ones can rival VW Beetles in size
Game 11 was key for Kasparov
This year President Reagan will chase the spotlight abroad. `Not much left to do' on the domestic front - except stump for the GOP
Iran puts new land offensives on hold. Soviet and Syrian diplomatic pressure seen to prompt delay
Jack Kemp
Soviet law on psychiatry seen as response to world criticism