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Monitor Archive for January 4, 1988

US-Canada pact yields more than free trade for Mulroney
Tree-huggers and job-hoppers
Colombia officials condemned for release of alleged drug dealer. Country's press joins US in outrage over government negligence
Drifting with the Bard
Scholars on morals. Educators advocate indirect curriculum on character
A little digging turns up reasons for optimism on deficit
East meets West in airlift operations
Pied Piper of racewalking a leader of growing pack of enthusiasts
Religious tolerance goes a long way in Ivory Coast. Muslims, Christians join in building places of worship
Well-learned lessons keep us safe
Sensitive drama shows cop series at its very best. This `Cagney & Lacey' will impress non-fans
Seabrook: litmus test for nuclear industry. Plant faces financial and PR hurdles. Waiting to come on line
Not quite a lovesong. A former education secretary tells his side
Putting Frank Lloyd Wright in perspective as architect - and man
`The tension between sound and verse'
Family is a central theme in Rev. Swartz's work as a minister
Women in the clergy. As their numbers grow, what kind of an impact are they having?
Setting the world's compass: A mission for '88 and beyond
Building up Latin America with environment in mind
Fast growth for corporate `headhunters' slows. Less recruiting for middle-managers, but companies still looking for CEOs
`English Gothic' - of home-grown kings and national consciousness
Carrying on her family's tradition
Falling dollar may help back-to-basics movement in '88
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers
Hunger activist says nations must recognize interdependence. Frances Moore Lapp'e works to puncture world-hunger myths
Jones: awesome figure onstage and off. `Fences' star overcame stutter to become one of our most eloquent actors
Ethiopia food relief waylaid by war. Fighting delays distribution and drains resources from relief efforts
People in the `star wars' cockpit. Defense system would require fast decisions by operators